• 01.
    Where are you located?
    • I am based out of southern Massachusetts, servicing Newport, Rhode Island as well as the rest of New England. I love traveling as well, so destination weddings are always on the menu!
  • 02.
    What is your average wedding gallery turnaround?
    • This is dependent upon the time of the year. During the busier months of the summer, my turnaround time is much longer than it would be during the spring and fall. Galleries during the slower seasons can be delivered anywhere from 1-2 months and during the busier seasons, 2-3 months.
  • 03.
    Is there any way that we can purchase our RAW photos?
    • In order for me to stay true to my brand and image, I don’t allow for the sale of RAW images. A part of hiring a wedding photographer is trusting that they are going to be delivering you the very best version of yourself on your wedding day. I carefully go through all of the photographs captured and deliver you the perfect story.
  • 04.
    What is it like working with you?
    • My goal as your wedding and portrait photographer is to help you be your authentic self. I mix in my ability to make friends with anyone and my instruction to help you break down all fears you may have, to make you as comfortable as possible in front of the camera. I tell couples that when I am leaving at the end of your wedding, my goal is that it feels like a longtime friend is heading out for the evening.
  • 05.
    How much do you charge?
    • My base package starts at $4,800 and then scales up from there. If you’d like more information and a more in-depth investment guide please fill out my contact form here.
  • 06.
    How many photos can we expect in our final gallery?
    • My goal in every wedding gallery is to tell a story and not try to hit number quotas. With that being said, I try to deliver anywhere from 60 to 100 photos for every hour that I am shooting at a wedding. Travel and dinner time can affect these final numbers but I always aim to make sure each client is satisfied.
  • 07.
    Have you shot at my venue before?
    • I have shot at a hundred different venues and locations, so the chances are that I have shot at your venue in the past. If I haven't, with my level of experience (and a bit of an early arrival) I can ensure that I can successfully capture you wedding day, regardless of my experience at the specific location.
  • 08.
    Do you also offer video services?
    • I do not currently offer videography/cinematography services but I work with some great friends in the industry who do. Make sure you let me know during our initial conversation and I will gladly connect you with them!